CrossCreek Lead Planter


The Lead Planter exists to launch a church that will ignite a church planting movement that produces healthy, multiplying, disciple-making, autonomous churches that jointly participate in the CrossCreek Network. 


  • At least a bachelor’s degree in related fields
  • Training in disciple making is highly preferred
  • Experience in large church environments is preferred 
  • Experience in successfully building and leading teams


  • Must be a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and consistent disciple maker 
  • Skills in goal setting and leading teams towards excellence
  • Skills in understanding and relating to people
  • Skills in personal and public communication
  • Skills in personal investment toward spiritual maturity
  • Skills in leadership and innovation toward organizational growth
  • Skills in conflict resolution


Stage One: The Residency Stage

  • The Lead Planter is participating in the CrossCreek Residency program and helping lead his church planting team through a residency taught by the Senior Pastor and Pastor of Missions and Multiplication of CrossCreek Church.
  • He is developing the skills necessary to reproduce a church and the disciple-making DNA is firmly set in the heart of his team. 
  • He is building his launch team and casting vision during this stage. 
  • The Lead Planter and his team are being trained in the multiplication of disciples, churches and how to map a community. 
  • He is helping determine where to start the new church, training volunteers who will join the new church plant, helping to raise funds, and setting timelines for launching the church. 

Stage Two: The Launching Stage

  • Once preparations are made, the new church is launched by the Lead Planter. 
  • The launch stage is a period of “high control” and allows the Lead Planter to focus on growing the church. 
  • The new church that the Lead Planter is pastoring, in practice, operates as an extension of CrossCreek Church, effectively executing programming according to the “playbooks” written for every department. 
  • The new team that the Lead Planter is leading is accountable to CrossCreek Church for outcomes and deliverables.
  • Every stage of the new church plant’s growth is monitored and assisted by CrossCreek Church. 
  • At this stage, all personnel decisions are made by CrossCreek Church. 
  • The preaching will be done live utilizing a preaching team, on which the Lead Planter will serve. 
  • The new church the Lead Planter is pastoring will meet in a leased facility that requires little to no “move in” costs and be completely mobile. 
  • Once the new church hits certain benchmarks, it can progress to the next stage, but not until then. 
  • These benchmarks are:
    • Six-month average attendance of 300+
    • At least 8 financial partners for the church
    • 30% of membership contributing financially
    • Responsible management of financial resources 
    • 20% conversion growth rate
    • Leadership is making disciples who make disciples

Stage Three: The Development Stage

  • Once the new church has successfully launched by hitting the five major benchmarks, it is ready to move to the Development Stage. 
  • Here the Lead Pastor has successfully led the new church to move into longer-term leased facilities in the best location for long-term growth. 
  • Now that success has been proven, the Lead Pastor and his team enjoy more freedom and responsibility for leading this congregation. 
  • The Lead Pastor then assumes more of the preaching load. 
  • Such freedom to contextualize may include: 
    • Worship planning
    • Preaching
    • Team development
    • Guerilla marketing 
    • Vision development
    • Outreach strategies
    • Groups development
    • Pastoral Care
  • As this new church continues to grow, it enjoys significant participation in the overall ministry of the church. However, for the new church to move to the final stage of full independence, it must meet five more benchmarks. 
    • Six-month average attendance of 600+
    • 50% of church members contributing financially
    • Financially self-supporting
    • 20% conversion growth rate
    • Launch of a new church

Stage Four: The Multiplication Stage

  • The final stage of the new church’s development is the Multiplication Stage. 
  • Here the new church becomes an autonomous church committed to full participation in the CrossCreek Network. 
  • The Lead Planter assumes the preaching responsibilities and raises up his own teaching team from within his church. 
  • Once a new church is committed to independence, a full calendar year will provide the timeline for a healthy transition. 
  • During this time the new church must establish five final benchmarks:
    • Must set up their structures for self-governance (leadership teams)
    • Must establish their operational systems (financial systems, communications systems)
    • Must determine a plan for long term-facilities (ownership or long-term leases)
    • Must produce a plan for continued multiplication
    • Must agree to participate in the CrossCreek Network