Special Needs Buddies

The mission of CrossCreek Buddies is to match preschool and elementary special needs kids with adults who can help them experience all the programming that CrossCreek Kids has to offer. Our buddies program is on a case by case basis. Once a family fills out our online form we will begin the process of matching each child with a qualified adult who understands your child’s specific needs. 

This process will include:

  • Step 1: An online form application.
  • Step 2: An evaluation/ needs assessment phone call from our Preschool or Elementary Team member.  
  • Step 3: A meet and greet for the child with the proposed buddy.
  • Step 4: A shadowing experience with the parent, child, and buddy during one of our weekend Kid Worship Experiences

We are excited to serve your family! Please click on the link below to start your family’s experience with CrossCreek Buddies.