Morning Thrive

THOUGHT:  When we focus on Jesus, we find life!

BIBLE: You reveal the path of life to me; in your presence is abundant joy; at your right hand are eternal pleasures. Psalm 16:11

TRANSCRIPT:  Every time I go on a road trip, first thing I do is I plug in the GPS on my phone, and I get it up on the screen in my truck or a vehicle, 'cause I gotta know where I'm going. It's super sad. I don't even know my way to Walmart anymore without a GPS. We're so dependent, aren't we, on these things because we need the turn by turn, we need to be sure and be ensured that we're going in the right direction. And you know what? We need the same thing in life. We need something to keep us on the right road. We need something to ensure us that we're going in the right direction. We need something to say, "Don't do that. Do this." Wouldn't it be great if God would provide something like that?


Well, actually he has, and that's God's word. Psalm 16:11 says, "You reveal the path of life to me; in your presence is abundant joy; at your right hand are eternal pleasures." I love that. He said, "You're revealing the path of life to me." How does God reveal the path of life to you? How does he give you turn by turn directions? Well, one way is obviously through the written word of God. As you're reading it, God's word is clear. He's saying, "Stay away from this. Go this direction." God's giving us clear direction in life. Also, just his spirit within you. As you're walking with God and you're being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in your life, he's gonna be convicting you to things he doesn't want you to do, and prompting you to do things that he does want you to do.


And so listen, you don't need to go off road, right? God has got a plan for you. And as you're in his word, dependent on his spirit listening to him, he will guide you down the best path for your life.

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